Decision on soldiers’ claims in the Federation

Mr. Ante Jelavic
Mr. Alija Izetbegovic

Member of the Presidency

Dear Sirs,

Yesterday the deadline expired for a decision on the share between soldiers from the BiHA and the HVO concerning soldiers claims to be included in the process of privatisation in the Federation.

I received yesterday a letter from the President of the Croatian Democratic Union, Ante Jelavic, stating that he accepted a proportion of 28 % for Croats and 72% for Bosniaks. Similarly, my Office received a copy of a letter from Deputy Minister Mahmuljin to Prime Minister Bicakcic, stating that the Bosniak ratio was 20% and 80%.

I deeply regret that you have failed to reach an agreement on that topic despite previous commitments.

In view of the urgency of carrying on the privatisation process in the Federation, and in accordance with my authority under Annex 10 of the Peace Agreement and Article XI of the Bonn Document, I have decided that the ratio between the two communities will be at 24 % for the HVO and 76 % for the BiHA.

These figures correspond to a pure mathematical mediation between the two current positions which are 8 points apart. I believe that considering the political deadlock, this was the best way to arbitrate.

I request the authorities in charge of implementing this decision to act as quickly as possible so that claim books can be allocated to beneficiaries as soon as possible.

Sincerely yours,

Carlos Westendorp

copy:Mr. Edhem Bicakcic, Prime Minister
 Mr. Drago Bilandzija, Deputy Prime Minister
 Mr. Miroslav Prce, Acting Minister of Defence
 Mr. Sakib Mahmaljin, Deputy Minister of Defence
 Mr. Adnan Mujagic, Federation Privatization Agency

Office of the High Representative