Decision imposing the Telecommunications Law of BiH

In accordance with my authority under Annex 10 of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina (GFAP) and article XI of the Bonn document, I do hereby decide:

  1. that the Telecommunications Law of Bosnia and Herzegovina (the Telecommunications Law) as submitted by the Council of Ministers to the Parliamentary Assembly for adoption shall enter into force on 11 September 1998 on an interim basis, until the Parliamentary Assembly adopts this law in due form.
  2. to recognise, in the interim, the existence of the three operators currently providing services by means of a fixed Public Switched Telecommunications Network, subject to their strict adherence to the country code (387) for all international connections and their compliance with Article 19 of the Telecommunications Law.

    The operators concerned will continue to co-operate to the fullest extent possible with my Office, the Independent Media Commission (IMC) and the Commission on Public Corporations, as established under Annex 9 of the GFAP, on the reorganisation of the Telecommunications sector in accordance with the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Telecommunication Law.

In the coming period I will be closely monitoring the situation and will take whatever steps are necessary to ensure full co-operation between the three operators and their full compliance with fair and lawful practices in the field of telecommunications.

I furthermore expect all the relevant parties to reach agreement on a Framework Memorandum of Understanding concerning the reorganisation of the telecommunications sector, including the internal numbering system, by 1st November 1998.

Sarajevo, 11 September 1998.

Carlos Westendorp
High Representative

Office of the High Representative