12/28/2021 OHR

Cooperation and coordination on all levels key to making Brčko’s highway connection a reality

As part of his duties in line with the Brčko Final Award, the Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko District Supervisor, Michael Scanlan, attended today’s meeting of BiH Minister of Transport and Communications, the Brčko Mayor and Assembly Speaker, entity Prime Ministers, and heads of entity highway companies regarding the construction of the Sarajevo – Belgrade – Sarajevo highway, in particular the interlinking section through the District.

Effective cooperation and coordination by all levels of government in BiH is paramount to the rapid and successful implementation of this complex and economically vital project for the entire country. Today’s meeting convened by the BiH Ministry of Transport and Communications is a step in that direction. The Supervisor welcomes the commitment of all stakeholders to quickly meet again and urges rapid progress on reaching a positive decision.

The highway’s route through the District, along with the ongoing modernisation of the Brčko port and the shared reconstruction of the Gunja-Brčko bridge with Croatia, will transform the District into a multimode transportation nexus connecting BiH to the markets of the Western Balkans and the European Union. This will provide a boost to the Brčko economy and attract new investors, and in doing so will also assist the District to achieve the conditions of the Brčko Final Award.