09/25/2019 OHR

Congratulations to Banja Luka for being in the finals for European Capital of Culture 2024

High Representative, Valentin Inzko congratulated Banja Luka Mayor and the highly professional and creative team which worked on the Banja Luka candidacy for European Capital of Culture 2024 for being in the finals with Norwegian city Bodø which eventually got selected.

“This is indeed a great achievement for Banja Luka and I want to congratulate every person on the excellent team headed by the Mayor Igor Radojicic for showing a different picture of RS and BiH to the world – picture which shows all that this country and its people have to offer to their home – Europe. It is especially encouraging that Banja Luka’s candidacy was supported by Bihac and Jajce, within the “Coalition of BiH Cities” part of the project and I hope that the synergy and effort invested will continue in the future and yield tangible results inside BiH as well.”, High Representative stated.