PDHR/Brčko Supervisor meets Brčko District Mayor Zijad Nišić and Deputy Mayor Anto Domić
10/02/2023 OHR

Brčko’s political representatives have shared responsibility to make sure reforms stay on track

Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko Supervisor Jonathan Mennuti visited Brčko on Monday and met with key stakeholders to underscore the importance of continued focus on good governance reforms, meeting infrastructure public project deadlines, and timely adoption of the 2024 budget.

During the visit, the Supervisor held separate meetings with delegates of the ruling majority in the District Assembly, as well as Brčko Mayor Zijad Nišić and Deputy Mayor Anto Domić. The discussion focused on the need to remain steadfast in maintaining the reform momentum established over the past several years.

The officials were reminded of the critical importance of adhering to timelines, particularly concerning ongoing infrastructure projects, bolstering the legal framework for combating corruption and conflict of interest, and public administration and civil service reforms. Finally, the timely adoption of the District’s budget will show political maturity and dedication, and ensure this momentum remains uninterrupted. The Supervisor noted as encouraging some statements coming from the opposition  that  they recognize this responsibility and  their role in making sure the needs of the citizens are placed above any short-term political disputes.

The Supervisor also met with representatives of the NGO “DEMOS” to gain insight into their activities and the perspectives for greater involvement of civil society in raising public awareness and helping combat corruption in employment in the civil service in Brčko District.

During a visit to the Brčko Port and an inspection of the new port crane that is under construction, Mennuti was briefed by the Port Director Perica Josić about the progress of the Port Modernization Project. Acknowledging the significance of this project for Brčko’s economic development, Mennuti urged all stakeholders to increase their efforts to prevent any further delays.

In conclusion, the Supervisor emphasized the critical need to sustain the positive momentum of reforms in Brčko. Elected representatives, whether from the ruling majority or the opposition, are now required to demonstrate increased dedication and responsibility. This urgency stems from the relatively narrow timeframe available before next year’s election campaign, during which it is imperative to ensure that key priorities remain on course.