09/15/2023 OHR

Brčko’s citizens and partners expect to see real progress and refocus on reforms

The District Assembly has completed its deliberations related to the most recent leadership challenge, which was conducted in an orderly and professional manner. With this chapter now closed, the District needs to refocus on ongoing projects and essential priorities that propel Brčko further along the path of progress, the Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko Supervisor Jonathan Mennuti stated today.

While these procedures are inherent to the democratic process, it is imperative that they do not disrupt the vital work of serving the citizens of the District. Whether they are in the ruling coalition or in the opposition, all parties in the District Assembly have a shared responsibility to create an environment for continued reforms and infrastructure development. Political accountability, active participation, and a unified commitment to the common goal of prosperity remain pivotal to achieving this vision.

To expedite tangible progress on the ground, authorities need to make faster and more decisive strides, including meeting their commitments related to the EBRD and World Bank-funded projects to ensure a sustainable and reliable water supply, implement environmentally friendly waste management practices, and fortify flood-protection measures. The same urgency and dedication are needed for meeting the authorities’ commitments stemming from public-private partnerships, both when it comes to already signed agreements and for creating preconditions to attract possible future investors.

In the spirit of enhanced government accountability, legislative changes need to be in place to bolster budget transparency. Concurrently, institutions entrusted with combatting corruption and conflict of interest must be able to collaborate seamlessly with law enforcement and judicial bodies to enforce a zero-tolerance policy for corruption.

A long-awaited reform of the public administration and civil service must be expedited to ensure heightened accountability and delivery of public services that benefit the citizens of Brčko.

Historically, Brčko’s progress has garnered attention and acclaim. As we forge ahead, we need to see continued commitment in the District, a shared vision, and genuine dedication to reform. Together, we can continue to chart a course toward a brighter, more prosperous future for all, concluded Supervisor Mennuti.