04/11/2022 OHR

Statement of High Representative Christian Schmidt following UK sanctions against individuals in BiH

United Kingdom sanctioning Milorad Dodik and Zeljka Cvijanovic for their undermining of the legitimacy and functionality of Bosnia and Herzegovina is reasonable considering the failure of these two politicians to meet requirements of responsible politics, and a result of Mr. Dodik’s and Ms. Cvijanovic’s repeated violations of State Constitution and the rule of law. High Representative thanks the United Kingdom for its commitment to stability and security of BiH.

“These are sanctions aimed at Mr. Dodik and Ms. Cvijanovic and not at the RS and its people. Dodik and Cvijanovic missed every opportunity to get back into constructive dialogue for the benefit of the people in this country, including the ones in Republika Srpska. Instead, they have chosen to undermine the DPA and the Constitution. They will have to bear the consequences of their words and deeds, and the UK sanctions are the continuation of the consequences that started in January with the US sanctions”, said Schmidt.

“The sovereignty and territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not negotiable, the attempts to undermine State Institutions are not acceptable. I call on all politicians to be aware that they are elected to serve the State and the people of BiH,” concluded the High Representative.