10/18/2004 OHR Sarajevo

Srebrenica Commission Report to be assessed by judges before public comments

The OHR welcomes the final report made by the Srebrenica Commission, which has been investigating the fate of the men who went missing in and around Srebrenica between 10th and 19th July, 1995. This report was submitted to the RS government on Friday, 15 October, 2004. It will complement the Commission’s earlier report issued on June 11 this year.

The government will consider the findings of the report, endorse and forward it to the Commission for Human Rights in Bosnia and Herzegovina ’s Constitutional Court , who will make its own assessment.

Premature comments about the content of the report prior to the assessment of the Human Rights Commission are a breach of confidentiality in a judicial process, and threaten to compromise the considerable progress made so far. This is a lengthy and detailed process that has involved months of painstaking research. Politics must not undermine it. 

The setting up of the Srebrenica Commission is key element starting a process that could enable in the future all the communities of Bosnia and Herzegovina to face up to crimes committed in their name. At this stage, the OHR hopes the RS government will endorse the Commission’s report and follow its recommendations.