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04/13/2022 OHR

High Representative visits Brčko District

High Representative Christian Schmidt paid a visit to Brčko District on Wednesday. Together with Principal Deputy High Representative and Brčko District Supervisor Michael Scanlan, he met with the government, the law enforcement and anti-corruption bodies, representatives of Brčko’s business community and visited the Brcko Port.

„Brčko has its strength in its multiethnic character and has proven time-and-time again that it remains committed to a peaceful and joint future for all its citizens as one community. Political leaders in the District make a choice every day to work together and not allow outside crises to affect the spirit of coexistence that has survived so many challenges.”

“It is good to see that Brčko is striving to move beyond mere coexistence towards creating a shared prosperity. Central to this is civil service reform to ensure good governance, the development of transportation infrastructure to spur private sector growth, and new institutions dedicated to eradicating corruption. Together, Brcko’s  authorities must make all this a reality to motivate young people to build their lives in the District, by turning Brcko into one of the most desirable places live in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” said the High Representative.