01/14/2022 OHR

High Representative Schmidt: All in BiH have the right to be safe in every part of their country

High Representative Christian Schmidt condemns the growing use of inflammatory rhetoric and increase of incidents that lead to destabilization of peace and security over the last days in several parts of BiH:

“Aggressive rhetoric and action, from any source, that calls for violence or evokes the dark imagery of war raises public concern throughout the country and is unacceptable behavior. All in BiH, regardless of their religious, cultural or ethnic affiliation, have the right to be safe in every part of their country.

It is the duty of elected authorities in every entity and every canton to make sure that is the case and for law enforcement to investigate every incident that causes distress amongst the population as did the incidents this past week.“

High Representative wishes to thank the responsible officials, security forces and the judiciary, who are working on fulfilling this obligation.