09/17/2021 OHR

High Representative marks 24th anniversary of Prokoško Lake helicopter crash

The High Representative, Christian Schmidt, recalled today the deaths of 12 OHR and UN colleagues who died 24 years ago in a helicopter crash at Prokoško Lake near Fojnica.

 “We remain eternally grateful and will continue to honor the memories of our beloved colleagues who died in the service of peace, while working to reconstruct Bosnia and Herzegovina: Peter Backes, Livio Beccaccio, Andrzej Buler, David Kriskovich, Leah Melnick, Charles Morpeth, William Nesbitt, Marvin Padgett, Thomas Reinhardt, Jurgen Schauf, Georg Stiebler and Ambassador Gerd Wagner. We pay our respects to them today by reaffirming the international community’s strong commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina” said the High Representative.

On 17 September 1997, twelve passengers died when their helicopter crashed at Prokoško Lake in dense fog. Two delegations were on board:  five members of the OHR and seven members of the United Nations Mission. The officials from the OHR were en route to Bugojno to meet with local authorities and discuss key issues related to the implementation of the Peace Agreement.