12/01/2021 OHR

High Representative congratulates Day of BiH Armed Forces

High Representative Christian Schmidt extends his congratulations to the BiH Ministry of Defense and members of the BiH Armed Forces on the occasion of the Day of the BiH Armed Forces and the 16th anniversary of the creation of the Armed Forces of BiH.

“The BiH Armed Forces are Forces of commonalities and an important element of statehood. Therefore the needs of the Armed Forces and the soldiers have to be appropiately considered in the state budget. The contribution of the BiH Armed Forces to the wellbeing of BiH citizens in times of need, and to BiH’s reputation abroad by participating in numerous peacekeeping missions with distinction, is a testament and a legacy that members of the BiH Armed Forces can be proud of and continue to cherish and build upon in the years to come,” said the High Representative.

The establishment of the Armed Forces 16 years ago was a crowning moment of a multifaceted reform process that required a lot of dialogue and compromise. The result of this effort was the creation of one of the key state institutions and the implementation of the most challenging and most successful reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“I wish the BiH Armed Forces, Forces of all people, a continued development and every success in their activities for the benefit of all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina,” concluded the High Representative.