Decision imposing the Law on the National Anthem of BiH

In accordance with my authority under Annex 10 of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Article XI of the Bonn Document, I do hereby decide that the Law on the National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina enters into force with immediate effect on an interim basis, until the House of Peoples adopts this law in due form, without amendments and no conditions attached.

Sarajevo, 25 June 1999

Carlos Westendorp
High Representative


Article 1

This Law establishes the National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereafter: the Anthem) and regulates its use as a symbol thereof.

Article 2

The Name of the Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina is “The National Anthem of Bosnia and Herzegovina.”

Article 3

The Anthem consists of the musical score attached to this Law as an integral part thereof.

Article 4

The copyright to the Anthem is the property of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Article 5

The Anthem shall be played:

  1. At ceremonies for the swearing in of members and senior public officials of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Ministries, the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina (both Houses), the Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Standing Committee on Military Matters, and the Central Bank.
  2. At the opening of a public session of any of the above mentioned institutions.
  3. On the occasion of official visits to Bosnia and Herzegovina of Heads of States or senior representatives of foreign states and international organisations, as well as of official international competitions and scientific, artistic, sports and similar gatherings taking place in Bosnia and Herzegovina. On such occasions the Anthem shall be played prior to any anthem of foreign visitors or representatives.
  4. On other occasions, consistent with the Constitution and Laws on Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Article 6

Disrespect for the Anthem shall be sanctioned by a separate law.

Article 7

This Law shall enter into force on the eighth day after its publication in the “Official Gazette of Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

Office of the High Representative