Statement by the High Representative

STATEMENT BY CARL BILDT, HIGH REPRESENTATIVE Sarajevo, 30 May 1996 I have been informed by the authorities of Republika Srpska that, on the basis of Paragraph 2 of Article 80 of the Constitution of the RS, Vice-President Prof. Dr. Biljana Plavsic has from 20 May been entrusted with performing tasks of the President of the RS in the domain of intern [...]

Statement by Ambassador Michael Steiner on Integration of Ilidza into Sarajevo

Today we witness an important step toward the future of Sarajevo as an integrated city that can serve as the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. By integrating Bosniaks, Croats, and Serbs in its Interim Council, Ilidza has made a strong move to counter the forces of division in Bosnia. We are now a step closer to realising the goal of the Rome State [...]

Mine Clearance In Bosnia And Herzegovina

Press Statement Mine Clearance In Bosnia And Herzegovina Sarajevo, 1 May 1996 We are all aware of the mine pollution problem in Bosnia and Herzegovina, arising from 5 years of war. Although work has begun to remove these hazards, less than half of the minefields are marked and those cleared by military engineers are not accepted as safe for the pur [...]

Statement from the Office of the High Representative on Doboj

Statement from the Office of the High Representative on Doboj Sarajevo, 1 May 1996 Mr. Carl Bildt, High Representative, accompanied by the Commissioner of the International Police Task Force, this morning convened a meeting between Dr. Hasan Muratovic, Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mr.

Joint Statement on Visits across the IEBL

On 27 April 1996, IFOR, the Office of the High Representative, the IPTF and the UNHCR discussed measures to ensure that civil disturbances resulting from visits, particularly across inter-entity boundary line visits, do not threaten peace and public order in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Acting in accordance with the General Framework Agreement for Peace [...]

PIC Steering Board Press Communique: Broadcast Media Statement

At today's meeting in Sarajevo of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, it was agreed that the Parties must urgently create the necessary conditions for the conduct of free and fair elections with respect to equitable access to the media for all political parties and candidates.

Visit of Association of Missing Persons to OHR

A delegation of the "Association of Missing Persons from Bugojno" ("Udruga obitelji odvedenih Bugojanskih ratnih zatocenika"), made up of family members of missing persons, visited the Office of the High Representative today, explaining the association's case and requesting the High Representative's assistance..