02/21/2019 OHR

Brcko Supervisor Scanlan visits District

Brcko Supervisor Michael Scanlan paid his first official visit to Brcko District. During the day, Supervisor Scanlan had meetings with Brcko Mayor and Deputy Mayor, Sinisa Milic and Anto Domic, as well as the Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the Brcko Assembly, Esed Kadric and Ivo Filipovic.

In his meetings, Supervisor Scanlan expressed his full commitment to safeguard the stability and sustainability of the District in close cooperation with the Brcko District officials and institutions.

“I am honored to have been appointed as the Brcko District Supervisor, a responsibility I take very seriously. Although the supervision has evolved over time, our attention and our high expectations of the District have not diminished. I look forward to my continued engagement with the Brcko authorities, as they focus on implementing the reforms needed to move the District forward in strengthening the public services and economic opportunities for the residents of Brcko,” Supervisor Scanlan stated.

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