PDHR/Brcko Supervisor Scanlan meets District Government and Assembly leadership
01/21/2022 OHR

Brčko: Major reform results to be seen this spring

In his first visit to Brčko in 2022, PDHR/Supervisor Scanlan cited the period ahead as one in which Brčko District Administration has the opportunity to demonstrate that the District is not only an example of peaceful coexistence but one of shared prosperity.

Spring is when a decision on the highway routes will be made, the agreement on the reconstruction of the Gunja-Brčko bridge adopted, and the final contract for the port’s modernisation concluded. This will be complimented by breaking ground on the Brod Industrial Zone, the Main Transmission Water Pipeline for Brčko, and the flood regulation works for the Brka river, and other projects.

Spring will also bring with it additional steps in the fight against corruption, patronage and nepotism.  The Commission on Conflict Interest will compile public servants’ asset declarations, the Anti-Corruption Office will review records of hiring practices, and a new Law on Civil Service will be submitted to the Assembly aimed at ensuring a merit based system.

The NGO sector, under the new transparent system of public financing, will serve as a watchdog and partner to government to help ensure this new momentum towards good governance in the District is sustainable. Young people should see their participation in civil society as a way to help build the community in which they want to live.

The Supervisor commended  the work of the Brčko police the past few months as an example of professionalism and commitment to serve the community that all officials in the District should emulate.

These topics were discussed during Supervisor’s meetings with the District Government and Assembly leadership, the Head of Department for Spatial Planning and Legal-Property Affairs, the Director of DEMOS NGO and Coordinator of the project ˝STOP to illegal employment”, and the Director of NGO Vermont and the Chief of Police.