HR Schmidt meets IDDEEA Director Arif Nanić
11/10/2021 OHR

Banja Luka: High Representative visits key state institutions

High Representative Christian Schmidt visited today three key state institutions located in Banja Luka, the BiH Agency for Identification Documents, Registers and Data Exchange (IDDEEA), the BiH Indirect Taxation Authority (ITA), and BiH Agency for Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices, to show  his support and express appreciation for the important work these institutions are doing for all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The institutions I visited today provide indispensable services to all citizens of this country. Attempts to undermine such state institutions not only constitute a serious challenge from a legal and political point of view, but would also result in overwhelming practical problems for citizens. Without these institutions, citizens would be deprived of personal and travel documents, effectively preventing them from travelling and interacting with the rest of the world. Financial flows to all levels of government would be interrupted with essential services for citizens being jeopardized. Of particular concern, during this global pandemic, citizens would be deprived of a reliable supply of high-quality medicine,” said the High Representative.

The High Representative used this opportunity to express his gratitude for the immense contribution these three agencies, along with all other state-level institutions, provide to all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina.