07/25/2018 OHR

High Representative extends condolences following the death of Hatidža Mehmedović

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, extended his condolences to the Association “Mothers of Srebrenica” following the death of the Association’s President Hatidža Mehmedović. “Hatidža will remain in our memories as a sincere fighter for truth and justice. Her determination and clear opinions have been and shall remain an inspiration to all who are fighting for the truth and for the good in this world.”

The letter of condolence further reads: “As the High Representative, but especially as a human being, I wish to say that I was honored to have had the opportunity to meet Hatidža. She will remain inscribed in my heart as a symbol of the never-ending strength of Bosnian women, of Bosnian human beings who never stop fighting regardless of their suffering or pain. She will remain in our memories as a person who, while struck by a great tragedy, carried her pain with unparalleled dignity. The unimaginable pain caused by the Srebrenica genocide, taking away her sons, her husband, her father and brothers, Hatidža was bearing in a manner worthy of the greatest respect and admiration.”

“At a time when truth and justice are being tested by those who wish to deny or change the truth about the Srebrenica genocide, we need to be even more determined not to allow the truth to be forgotten, and also to continue building coexistence and trust in BiH. I am convinced these are the aims Hatidža fought for,” reads the High Representative’s condolence letter.