03/08/2018 OHR

High Representative visits European Parliament

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, visited the European Parliament in Brussels today and participated in an event organised by “Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The High Representative was invited to speak and participate in an exchange of views on the Process of EU Enlargement to the Western Balkans, with particular focus on Bosnia and Herzegovina’s candidature in the context of the overarching Balkan Strategy.

The High Representative pointed out that a strong EU commitment to the European perspective of the region demonstrated through the Enlargement Strategy for the Western Balkans, and the submission of answers to the EU Questionnaire by the BiH authorities, represent a positive development.

The High Representative also shared his views on issues that might affect the reform efforts in the country. “Resolving the Current disagreement on how to amend the Election Law is the immediate priority that needs to be tackled by domestic authorities, followed by the strengthening of the rule of law, where nobody is above the law.”

The issue of brain drain, if not systematically addressed, will have a negative impact on the future of this country. “Bosnia and Herzegovina needs effective and immediate measures for job-creation, and initiatives for socio-economic development which would enable BiH’s youth to fulfil their potential at home instead of going abroad,” concluded the High Representative.