02/15/2018 OHR

High Representative Inzko meets BiH Presidency Chairman Covic

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, met today with the BiH Presidency Chairman, Dragan Covic, at his request. The High Representative and Presidency Chairman had a constructive discussion about the current political developments and challenges ahead of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has been given a historic opportunity to bind its future to that of the EU. The political actors should seize this opportunity by focusing on issues that are important to the citizens and to the country as a whole. In this regard, the High Representative extended his congratulations to BiH institutions on reaching an agreement regarding the EC Questionnaire.

The High Representative reiterated the longstanding position of the OHR and the wider international community, that “political parties should concentrate their efforts on providing a solution in the Ljubic case which will enable smooth conduct of the 2018 General Elections and the implementation of election results without significant delay. I encourage parties to take advantage of the facilitation being led by the EU and the US, and engage in constructive efforts to find a compromise.”

The High Representative also underlined that the OHR has worked over the years to assist the political parties in finding a solution for the elections in Mostar. It is essential that political parties reach a sound compromise that would enable the citizens of Mostar to cast their votes as soon as possible.

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