11/07/2017 OHR

HR Inzko visits St. Sava Church in New York

During his visit to New York, where he will present his regular 52nd report to the UN Security Council today, the High Representative Valentin Inzko has used the opportunity to visit the St. Sava Orthodox Church in Manhattan and meet with the protopriest Živojin Jakovljević.

The Church of Saint Sava was severely damaged in a fire in 2016. The High Representative, who happened to be in New York at the time, visited the site and made a contribution for the reconstruction of the church.

“What I saw back in 2016 was heart-wrenching. I wanted to see how far the reconstruction of the church has come. It will take enormous efforts, financial and otherwise, to complete this task. However, I was happy to hear that the roof and the floor should be rebuilt and the church reopened by next Easter, to the joy of all the faithful who belong to this church,” the High Representative said.

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