09/29/2017 OHR

High Representative meets members of the UK House of Lords

High Representative Valentin Inzko met today with members of the UK House of Lords International Relations Committee who are visiting Bosnia and Herzegovina. The High Representative used this opportunity to brief the Committee members about the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and to offer his views on the progress of reforms.

“I fully support the Euro-Atlantic path as the best option for Bosnia and Herzegovina and its citizens. Unfortunately, some politicians continue to focus disproportionality on divisive nationalist issues, calling into question their commitment to the Euro-Atlantic agenda as a genuine priority.

While each country has its own pace, the Western Balkans region as a whole has made strong progress towards full integration into the European family. Nevertheless, without a clear sense of urgency, Bosnia and Herzegovina risks falling behind. This is why I urge BiH politicians to stop bickering and focus on reaching the common ground necessary to achieve meaningful economic and social reforms,” said the High Representative.

Inzko concluded that the OHR, the PIC, and the wider international community remain committed to helping BiH along this path, and thanked the UK for its longstanding diplomatic role in BiH and commitment towards post-war reconstruction and development of BiH, both bilaterally and as an EU member state.