Peace Implementation Council Steering Board (OHR archives)

Statement of the HR and PIC SB ambassadors on developments in Srebrenica

Statement of the High Representative and the Peace Implementation Council Steering Board Ambassadors of Canada, European Union, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States

The Peace Implementation Council Steering Board Ambassadors (PIC SBA) met on July 5 and discussed, among other items, developments in Srebrenica and the wider region in advance of the forthcoming commemorations.

The PIC SBA encouraged participants of all faiths and ethnicities to conduct themselves in a dignified manner, appropriate for the solemnity of the occasion. Attacks on mourners and survivors, and also participants, are unacceptable and should be fully investigated, and perpetrators brought to justice. It is not the time for provocative actions, but a time for paying respect to the victims, and to consider the true cost of human conflict.

The PIC SBA expressed full confidence that authorities at all levels, state, entity and local, as well as organizational bodies, civil society organizations and all individuals involved in the organization of commemorations, will contribute to a solemn, safe and secure environment throughout the forthcoming events, thus promoting reconciliation, tolerance, good relations and peaceful co-existence.

The PIC SBA acknowledged the suffering caused by the genocide and other atrocities, and the rights of the victims and survivors, and reiterated the need for further efforts towards reconciliation and good relations in the country and the region. Tolerance, acceptance, and peaceful coexistence are absolute requirements of civilizations founded on rights and freedoms, democracy and equality.