03/07/2017 OHR

Brcko Arbitral Tribunal Presiding Arbitrator Clint Williamson visits Bosnia and Herzegovina

Newly appointed Presiding Arbitrator of the Brcko Arbitral Tribunal Clint Williamson met with senior officials in Sarajevo today, including Federation Prime Minister Fadil Novalic, and the Brcko arbitrator appointed by the BiH Federation, Cazim Sadikovic.

Ambassador Williamson, who has extensive experience related to the Western Balkans, was appointed to his present position by the President of the International Court of Justice on 13 January, pursuant to Annex 2 of the Dayton Peace Agreement. He succeeds Roberts B. Owen, who served as Presiding Arbitrator from its inception until his death in March last year.

During his three-day visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ambassador Williamson will speak to a broad cross-section of stakeholders. In Brcko tomorrow he will meet Mayor Sinisa Milic and Deputy Mayor Anto Domic, as well as Speaker of the Brcko Assembly Esed Kadric and Deputy Speaker Ivo Filipovic. He will attend the celebration of the Brcko District 17th anniversary and will also meet with the Brcko arbitrator appointed by the RS, Sinisa Karan.

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