Photo: Twitter
02/13/2017 OHR

High Representative congratulates German President Steinmeier

The High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, sent a message of congratulations to Frank-Walter Steinmeier on his election as the President of the Federal Republic of Germany and wished him success in his new role.

“Many people in Europe, and elsewhere in the world, nowadays see Germany as the beacon of hope and humanism. This is deservedly so. As President Steinmeier underlined in his acceptance speech, ‘Germany should be an anchor of hope while democratic institutions are under threat around the globe.’  The election of Mr. Steinmeier means good news for BiH, having in mind his clearly expressed view that the European Union is not complete without the Western Balkans and his continued support to the European perspective for all countries of this region. In his capacity as Foreign Affairs Minister, and together with the former Foreign Secretary of the United Kingdom, Mr. Phillip Hammond, Mr. Steinmeier was the initiator of a new European approach towards BiH which enabled the country to accelerate its path towards the EU,” the High Representative said.

Inzko stressed that “Germany’s destiny is to a large extent also the destiny of Europe, and consequently of the Balkans. I have every hope and confidence that in his new capacity, Frank-Walter Steinmeier will continue supporting BiH and its European future.”

The newly elected President of the Federal Republic of Germany sent a brief note to the High Representative, thanking him for his words of congratulations.