02/14/2017 OHR

Central Bank of BiH should not be subject to public debate

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, and Principal Deputy High Representative and Brcko District Supervisor, Bruce G. Berton, visited today the Central Bank of Bosnia and Herzegovina (CBBiH) and met with CBBiH Governor Senad Softic. They discussed monetary policy, monetary and fiscal stability, and macroeconomic indicators for Bosnia and Herzegovina.

High Representative Inzko and his Principal Deputy Berton expressed OHR’s continued and unambiguous support for the CBBiH and its political independence and autonomy, as well as the admiration for its professionalism and work in the interest of BiH and its citizens.

Governor Softic took this opportunity to inform his collocutors about the current activities of the CBBiH, including the management of foreign-exchange reserves, improvement of registries, and cash management. The meeting also touched upon the issue of European integration, given that the CBBiH has a very important role in this process.

“The CBBiH is not only a Dayton institution, it is the sole authority for monetary policy in BiH. It is a success story of BiH and of vital importance for the stability of the country. This is why any challenge to the CBBiH and the well-established and functioning arrangements that guarantee the monetary and financial stability is unacceptable”, said the High Representative Inzko.

He also reminded that “the CBBiH has gained an excellent reputation, and the main elements of its success are the professionalism and the independence from politics. Therefore, it is imperative that the institution does not become subject to public debate and continue to follow its successful path”.