High Representative at Prokoško Lake memorial (OHR archive)

The Citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina Will Prevail

Building a secure and just society “can only be achieved if elected leaders focus all of their energy on the practical and difficult problems that have to be solved, and on the positive and constructive things that have to be done,” High Representative Valentin Inzko said today.

The High Representative was speaking at a ceremony at Prokosko Lake to commemorate the 12 OHR and UN officials who were killed in a helicopter accident 19 years ago.

“As we stand here today to honour the memory of our brave colleagues I want publicly to reaffirm the commitment of the International Community to Bosnia and Herzegovina,” the High Representative said. “We will continue to do everything in our power to help the people of this country. We will continue because even if divisive and backward looking rhetoric and policies become a distraction, we know what our duty and we know what our goal is: the future of this country. We will continue because in the end – despite every challenge, despite every setback – the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina will prevail. They will build a just society; they will build a secure and sovereign democracy. And we will help them.”

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