03/09/2016 OHR

HR Inzko meets with Swedish Education Minister Hadzialic

High Representative Valentin Inzko met today with Swedish Minister for Upper Secondary School, Adult Education and Training Aida Hadzialic.

Talking about current political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the High Representative said that, “the new EU initiative is right to put the emphasis on the economy and job creation – there is a desperate need to get people back to work. This initiative offers the chance to get back to a politics of convergence and healthy compromise essential to previous success.”

High Representative Inzko also thanked Minister Hadzialic for Sweden’s long-term, sustained commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s democratic development and integration with the European Union, including through her visit.

“We need to harness the potential and enthusiasm of young people to build this country. Your appointment in Sweden has been an inspiration to many people here, since it proves how far people from BiH can succeed when there is a functioning social and political environment. Bosnia and Herzegovina’s leaders must seize the momentum provided by the country’s application to the EU to bring this kind of environment to BiH,” the High Representative concluded.