02/22/2016 OHR

PDHR Bruce Berton visits Ministry of Security of BiH

Principal Deputy High Representative Bruce Berton met with Minister Dragan Mektic in the Ministry of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina today.

Minister Mektic informed Principal Deputy High Representative Berton about the responsibilities, organization, functioning and activities of the Ministry of Security of BiH as well as its priorities for the future. In addition to a wide spectrum of activities that the Ministry conducts to improve security and safety of BiH citizens, there is a special emphasis on the fight against terrorism, organized crime and corruption as well as on the strengthening of regional cooperation.

Principal Deputy High Representative Berton, expressed his gratitude for the hospitality accorded to him and used the opportunity to commend the efforts the Ministry was putting into the creation of a climate for a better and more effective fight against terrorism, corruption and organized crime. Emphasis was also put on the exceptional past cooperation between these two institutions and readiness for continuation of partnership relations in all matters within the competency of the Ministry of Security of BiH.