03/28/2005 OHR / EUPM

Statement: Formal Dialogue On Police Restructuring Starts

Representatives of the Office of the High Representative (OHR), the EU Police Mission and the Police Restructuring Commission (PRC) attended a round table in Banja Luka today organised by the SNSD, as part of the political dialogue on police restructuring.

Discussions focused on reforming BiH’s law enforcement structures in light of the work of the Police Restructuring Commission and the requirements for police reform set by the EU.

The current policing system in BiH is too complicated, too expensive, and not sufficiently effective in combating crime.

The OHR welcomes the SNSD’s initiative aimed at improving understanding for this reform amongst citizens and political representatives. The discussion presented a valuable opportunity to discuss the reform in an open and constructive atmosphere.

Police restructuring represents a means of overcoming systemic deficiencies in the organization of policing in BiH. It provides a means of achieving European best practice in an effective and efficient police service for BiH citizens.