06/29/2007 OHR Sarajevo

High Representative Lifts Ban on Holding Public Office Against Dragan Meter

The High Representative Christian Schwarz-Schilling today lifted the ban on holding public office against one individual removed for obstructing peace implementation.

The individual is Dragan Meter who was removed from the position of Mayor of Prozor-Rama in November 1999. The lifting of the ban does not return him to the position from which he was removed.

Having considered the case, the High Representative concluded that the reasons for the original removal no longer apply.

The High Representative’s Decision is part of an ongoing process started in March 2005 to review removal decisions on a case-by-case basis. Removing obstructionist officials from public functions was an extraordinary measure that has been necessary to eliminate major political and institutional obstacles to peace implementation.

Reversing a removal Decision does not call into question the validity of the original Decision. However, the progress that Bosnia and Herzegovina has made has made it possible to consider the phased repeal of some removal Decisions.