11/16/2009 OHR / EUSR

Inzko Meets Žbogar: BH Leaders Must Refocus on EU Agenda

The High Representative and EU Special Representative met in Sarajevo last night Slovenian Foreign Minister Samuel Žbogar.

The HR/EUSR informed FM Žbogarof BiH’s progress towards Euro-Atlantic integration, the fulfillment of conditions for the closure of the OHR and the transition to an EU led mission, and the ongoing overall effort to make BiH a more efficient state.

Concerned by the three year political downturn, which has undermined key reforms and resulted in frosty relations between the leaders of the ruling coalition, HR/EUSR Inzko and Foreign Minister Žbogar agreed that the EU and IC would continue to work to see Bosnia and Herzegovina evolve into a stable and viable democracy on course for integration in the EU.

Foreign Minister Žbogar underlined that BiH is an important partner for Slovenia; “our common history, personal ties and trade means that we have a particular interest in ensuring BiH makes progress towards the EU,” he said. “We are concerned that all too often we see trade and the economy being put on the back burner.”

The High Representative and EU Special Representative, Valentin Inzko, said: “Our aim is to normalize this country’s status so that it can proceed on its way towards full Euro-Atlantic integration as a sovereign and stable democracy.” “BiH’s politicians must take responsibility for the future of their country,” he concluded.