11/15/2012 OHR

HR Meets UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon

High Representative Valentin Inzo met yesterday with UN Secretary General Ban-ki Moon, following the delivery of his report to the UN Security Council on Tuesday.

The High Representative outlined the main aspects of his latest report to the UN Security Council, in which he expressed particular concern about intensified anti-state rhetoric and attempts at undermining and weakening state institutions from senior RS officials.

Expressing regret that some party leaders in particular in the Federation have wasted several months on government reshuffle efforts, the High Representative welcomed recent indications of a willingness by party leaders to return to dialogue. He expressed hope that the country’s leaders would now get to work governing the country, refrain from statements which unnecessarily destabilize the political environment, and make progress allowing him to issue a more positive report in six months’ time.  

The High Representative thanked the Secretary General for his recent visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and for his continued support and commitment to achieving lasting peace and stability in the country.