11/08/2013 OHR

High Representative submits report on Bosnia and Herzegovina to the United Nations

In line with his mandate under the Dayton Peace Agreement, High Representative Valentin Inzko submitted his regular report to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon on 31 October 2013 outlining the status of peace implementation in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the period from 20 April to 21 October 2013.

The High Representative informed the United Nations that the political stalemate has continued in Bosnia and Herzegovina and as a consequence the country has failed to keep pace with neighbouring countries and deliver much needed change.

The High Representative also highlighted problems with respect for the rule of law in Bosnia and Herzegovina, including inappropriate political attacks on the state judicial institutions, and the problem of domestic authorities throughout the country failing to implement decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court.

One such decision relates to the electoral system in Mostar, where citizens are still unable to vote in local elections, more than a year after the rest of the country did so. He called on the parties in Mostar to work together to find a compromise solution that would implement the Constitutional Court’s ruling, pave the way for local elections, and enable the city to continue to develop in the interests of all its citizens.

Another unimplemented decision of the BiH Constitutional Court requires straightforward amendments to the Election Law regarding place names if general elections are to be held next year, and the adoption of these amendments is therefore a question of utmost urgency.

The High Representative also expressed concern over the continuing readiness of elected officials to challenge openly and directly the fundamentals of the Peace Agreement, including the territorial integrity of Bosnia and Herzegovina. These statements are counterproductive and contribute to the political instability in the country.

On a more positive note, the BiH authorities conducted the much delayed Census of Population and Households, which will provide useful date for economic and social planning.

The 44th report of the High Representative to the UN Secretary-General has been distributed to members of the UN Security Council is available on the OHR website.

The High Representative will address the UN Security Council on 12 November to brief them personally on the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.