11/20/2014 OHR

Inzko: Time to demonstrate political will and a sense for compromise

“Political leaders in Bosnia and Herzegovina have a chance for a fresh start following the recent general elections. They must use this opportunity to change course and create a momentum for reforms”, High Representative Valentin Inzko said today in Warsaw, where he was meeting with Polish Foreign Minister Grzegorz Schetyna. Earlier this week, the High Representative was also in Washington for a series of talks with senior officials in the U.S. State Department and members of Congress.

In his meetings, the High Representative reiterated that political leaders must finally face up to the political, economic and social realities in Bosnia and Herzegovina with a clear sense of urgency. They must start putting the interests of citizens first by respecting and implementing the Peace Agreement and delivering EU and NATO requirements.

“This is the time for political leaders to demonstrate strong qualities of realism, constructive compromise and political will. The international community stands ready to assist in every way possible, but the essential decision to move forward must come from within Bosnia and Herzegovina, from the demands of its citizens and far-sighted actions of elected leaders”, Inzko said.

In particular, the High Representative emphasized the need for a quick formation of authorities at all levels. “I urge elected officials to work out a concrete reform agenda and agree on the formation of governments that will permit progress on many issues, especially those needed for BiH to entrench the rule of law and advance on its European path”, Inzko said.

The High Representative underlined that, for reform efforts to succeed in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the International Community must also continue to support positive political initiatives and remain firm in preventing challenges to the peace settlement or attempts to undermine the state.