12/12/2014 OHR

Police directors are not political appointees

In response to media reports and speculationthat political parties are discussing a new appointment of the SIPA Director aspart of the distribution of political appointments, the OHR wants to make clearthat this is contrary to the Law on Police Officials.

Continued speculation along these lines orattempts to change existing provisions to allow political appointments forpolice directors would be contrary not only to the law but also to bestpractice for ensuring professional policing in BiH with adequate protectionsagainst improper political control.

The Law on Police Officials has explicitprovisions to ensure that police directors are selected only from currentserving police officials having the highest ranks with the necessary skills andyears of experience and for fixed term mandates.These provisions are designed intentionallyas barriers to improper political control of police.Police directors are not subject toreappointment on the basis of election cycles.