07/28/2015 OHR

HR Welcomes the Adoption of the Reform Agenda: “With domestic effort, European gate is opening wider”

High Representative Valentin Inzko today joined others in the European Union and the wider International Community welcoming the adoption of the Reform Agenda for Bosnia and Herzegovina by the Council of Ministers, RS Government and FBiH Government. “Reform Agenda is adopted and now the new phase ahead of BiH is implementation of what is agreed. What we need to see now on the side of the BiH partners is progress in implementing the Agenda. This is a phase where narrow political interests must be put aside for the greater interests of the country and its citizens. We need to see a new way of doing politics, focused on concrete results. The clear interest of the people is to get the economy going to open up new jobs and to move ahead on the Euro-Atlantic path. Political representatives owe this to the citizens.” said the High Representative.

The International Community is ready to support this Reform Agenda. Our common vision remains a re-integrated, functional and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina, a state which works in the interests of its citizens and is a fully integrated member of European family.