OHR Bulletin 4 – May 27, 1996

No. 4, issued May 27, 1996 Table of Contents Republica Srpska Indicted War Criminals update Economic Reconstruction Progress in Priority Reconstruction and Recovery Program. EU co-operation update. Elections Registration of Political Parties & Independent Candidates to end on 7 June.

OHR Bulletin 3 – May 20, 1996

No. 3, issued May 20, 1996 Table of Contents Republica Srpska Clear commitments asked from RS leadership not to obstruct implementation process. Federation Forum Federation Defence Law agreed. Elections Election Commission presents Rules and Regulations at the meeting of the Political Parties Consultative Council. Media Development OHR calls donor [...]

OHR Bulletin 2 – May 13, 1996

No. 2, issued May 13, 1996 Table of Contents Banja Luka Elections Freedom of Movement Human Rights Refugee & Humanitarian Affairs Media Development Economic Reconstruction Brussels Banja Luka The High Representative, Carl Bildt, was in Banja Luka for the whole of last week, opening the OHR office in the city and conducting an extensive progr [...]

OHR Bulletin 1 – May 6, 1996

No. 1, issued May 6, 1996 This is the first edition of the OHR Bulletin which aims to give an overview of what is happening on the ground in the civilian implementation of the Dayton Agreement. The publication will cover the work of all the principal implementing organisations involved in the process. Table of Contents OHR In Banja Luka Permanent [...]