Agreement – Sarajevo, 30/03/96

10 July 1996 Officials from the Contact Group countries held a working meeting in London on 10 July. The High Representative Carl Bildt, the Chairman of the Provisional Election Commission Robert Frowick and the EU Presidency also attended. The Russian Federation was represented by an observer. There was a thorough exchange of views on prospects fo [...]

Final Document – Moscow, 23/3/96

1996 Contact Group Ministers met in Moscow on 23 March to review the implementation of the General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina signed in Paris. They reconfirmed their commitment to a strict, just and evenhanded approach to the implementation of the Agreement and underlined the significant investment of resources which th [...]

OHR: Agreed measures – Rome, 18/2/96

President Izetbegovic, President Tudjman and President Milosevic agreed today in Rome on the following actions to strengthen and advance the peace process

OHR: Statement on Sarajevo – Rome, 18/2/96

Sarajevo will be a united city in accordance with the Peace Agreement. It is our common conviction that this will give better possibilities for all - Bosniacs, Serbs, Croats and Others - and will be an important contribution to peace in all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Further principles – New York, 26 Sept. 95

1995 Each of the two entities will honour the international obligations of Bosnia-Herzegovina, so long as the obligation is not a financial obligation incurred by one entity without the consent of the other. It is the goal that free democratic elections be held in both entities as soon as social conditions permit.

Joint Statement – New York, 26 Sept. 95

1995 For the second time in three weeks, the Foreign Ministers of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia have met under the auspices of the Contact Group. The meeting was held in the U.S.