RS police agree to issue ID cards to returnees

The Supervisor notes with satisfaction that the RS police in Brcko are making practical arrangements to issue RS ID cards to returnees. The Supervisor regrets that these arrangements were delayed following the Supervisor's Order on Identity Cards for Returnees to Brcko of August 12 and the subsequent agreement with RS Prime Minister Gojko Klickovic [...]

OHR Mostar strongly condemns the crime which occurred last night in the Centre of the City

Office of the High Representative in Mostar is deeply angered by the most horrific crime which occurred last night in the Centre of the City and most strongly condemns this act of crime. At the same time members of the Office express their deepest regret because of the large number of injured to whom they send their most sincere wishes for their sp [...]

Statement by the High Representative about the tragic helicopter crash

STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carlos Westendorp Sarajevo, 17 September 1997 I want to express my deepest sympathy along with the shock and sorrow of all members of my Office, to the families and friends of those killed so tragically in a helicopter crash near Bugojno in central Bosnia today. The death of such dedicated and selfless servants [...]

Amb. Gerd Wagner meets with eight previous mayors of Sarajevo

Ambassador Gerd Wagner, Senior Deputy High Representative, has today met with eight previous mayors of Sarajevo. They have discussed the current situation in Sarajevo and ways of affirming Sarajevo as a capital of all three constituent people in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In light of the recent adoption of amendments by the Sarajevo Canton Assembly an [...]

OHR Press Release

It is with great dismay that I learned of the death of Mr. Juro Jelonjic yesterday afternoon at a Sarajevo hospital. I understand that Mr. Jelonjic died of injuries he sustained on 9 September in a physical altercation that took place in the village of Koksari in the Travnik area.

Statement on the forthcoming municipal elections

PRESS STATEMENT by the High Representative, Carlos Westendorp 11 September 1997 There appears to be a great deal of speculation about the forthcoming municipal elections. Let me make it clear. The Elections will proceed as scheduled on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 of September. These elections will give you, the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the c [...]

OHR and SFOR act to prevent intimidation at Banja Luka

On the basis of clear evidence presented to him this evening by the chief of police in Banja Luka, Ambassador Klein, The Principal Deputy High Representative has determined that the large numbers of buses entering the town this evening contain people intending to provoke disorder and probable violence in connection with the SDS rally due to be held [...]

Agreement on the BiH DCA

After several weeks of intensive, but friendly, negotiations led by Air Vice-Marshal Rob Wright of the OHR with co-opted assistance from ICAO and SFOR, the Joint Aviation Commission comprising Bosniak, Serb and Croat representatives, today (5 September 1995) reached final agreement on the new structure for the BiH Department of Civil Aviation.

Statement on the Issue of Natural Gas Supplies to Bosnia and Herzegovina

Natural gas is a major source of energy in Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially in the Sarajevo area where it provides most of the heating and cooking energy needed by the population. The resumption of gas supplies- under a long-term contract with the Russian Gazexport company-requires the settlement of an outstanding debt of US$12.4 million for gas [...]

Media Agreement Reached

Principal Deputy High Representative Jacques Klein and Commander, SFOR General Eric Shinseki have reached an agreement with the Serb member of the BiH Joint Presidency Momcilo Krajisnik in his capacity as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Serb Radio and Television (SRT) which will curb inflammatory reporting by RS media against the Internationa [...]

Press Release

Regarding this morning's events, and the crowds gathered in various parts of the town, Brcko Supervisor Robert Farrand asks that all citizens disperse peacefully and return to their homes.