Inzko: State budget a priority for stopping COVID-19

The High Representative fully supports coordinated measures taken by the authorities at different levels of government in BiH to fight the coronavirus pandemic. These challenging times have shown that political and institutional leaders are able to effectively work together for the same purpose.

High Representative congratulates critically the International Women’s Day

The High Representative, Valentin Inzko, congratulates all women in Bosnia and Herzegovina on the occasion of 8 March, International Women’s Day. He uses this opportunity to emphasize the pressing need for greater inclusion of women in everyday political and socioeconomic currents of this country, especially in the public sector.

HR Inzko meets European Commissioner for Justice Reynders

During his visit to Brussels this week, High Representative Valentin Inzko met with European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders to discuss the current state of affairs in Bosnia and Herzegovina’s judiciary, and the lack of respect for the rule of law in the domestic political arena.

Joint statement by the Embassy of the United States and the OHR

In their joint November letter to Tuzla Canton authorities, U.S. Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Eric Nelson and High Representative Valentin Inzko cautioned against actions that enable direct political control of the police, as meaningful independence and objectivity are essential to the proper functioning of public safety institutions.