OHR Local News Issues, 02 February 1997

2nd February 1997, 19:30 Radovan Karadzic is making threats again. If the Brcko question is not solved, we shall start war, he said in an interview given to the Greek opposition newspaper Elefteros Tipos, BiH Press reports news according to AFP. The war crime indicted did not stop at Brcko.

OHR Local News Issues, 31 January 1997

31 January 1997, 19:30 Stolac - 9 Bosniak families who should have returned to this town today were prevented from doing so because 'the people have happened' again. Federal Minister of Refugees and Displaced Persons Kadic said he received unconfirmed information that a group of nine or ten Croat families, refugees from central BiH, moved in the ho [...]

OHR Local News Issues, 30 January 1997

30 January 1997, 19:30 Breaking News - New York - The UN Secretary-General Annan requested from the international community to keep in mind the survival of BiH and to prevent its disintegration and creation of greater Serbia and greater Croatia and a new Gaza or Israel in this region.

OHR Local News Issues, 29 January 1997

29 January 1997 Sarajevo - Izetbegovic was announced by the director of Democracy Center in Washington as the winner of the international democracy award for 1996. This award confirms all Izetbegovic's efforts towards a democratic state and implementing the DPA, as well as political strength of the BH people. 2:00 Mostar - Schwartz-Schilling's pres [...]

OHR Local News Issues, 28 January 1997

28 January 1997 - 19,30 hours - OHR/PA The OSCE PEC accepted at a meeting in Sarajevo the rules and regulations for the local elections in B&H scheduled most probably for 12 and 13 July this year. The most important question of this election - the P-2 form , which enables voters to cast ballots in places different from those they have lived in [...]