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Brčko Supervisors

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Supervisor Raffi Gregorian href=”/ohr-offices/brcko/images/johnson2.jpg”>Supervisor Susan R. Johnson href=”/ohr-offices/brcko/images/clarke.jpg”>Supervisor Henry L. Clarke href=”/ohr-offices/brcko/images/matthews.jpg”>Supervisor Garry L.Matthews href=”/ohr-offices/brcko/images/farrand2.jpg”>Supervisor Robert W. Farrand

Recent Events

Brčko Supervisor Roderick W. Moore with representatives of local communities in Šatorovići, Brčko strong>February 15, 2012

Press event in Brčko Final Award Office strong>July 20, 2011

Visit by SBA to Brčko District strong>March 15, 2011

11th Anniversary of Brčko District of BiH strong>March 08, 2011

Supervisor’s visit to Krepsic local community in Brčko strong>February 02, 2011

Supervisor’s visit to Brčko Port strong>February 01, 2011

Supervisor’s visit to Bimal and Brčko sugar factory strong>February 01, 2011

Supervisor’s visit to Bukvik local community in Brčko strong>January 31, 2011

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