Transcript of the Press Conference held in Mostar

Mr. Carl Bildt:Thank you. As you know the occasion for this meeting is the opening of the Regional Office of the High Representative which will be situated here in Mostar and it will cover the southern part of BiH and the Serb Republic. We are, of course, particularly pleased that this office will be headed by Sir Martin Garrod, who will widen his [...]

Transcript of the Press Conference held in London

FOREIGN SECRETARY:Ladies and Gentleman, this has been a successful conference, it has also been a realistic conference. We have reviewed peace implementation in Bosnia in 1996, both the successes and the areas where we have made insufficient progress.

Transcript of the Press Conference held in Paris

Carl Bildt:Very briefly really from my side, reinforcing some of the points raised by the Minister. This has been an important and successful meeting at the ministerial level of the Steering Board. Eleven months ago in Paris after Dayton, the Peace Agreement was signed.