Implementation Of The Human Rights Provisions Of The Peace Agreement

Implementation of the Human Rights Provisions of the Peace Agreement Mid-term Review Conference, Florence, 13 June 1996 Contents Executive Summary Human Rights Institutions And Monitoring Organisations A. Peace Agreement Institutions The Commission on Human Rights Commission for the Real Property Claims of Displaced Person and Refugees Office [...]

PIC Florence Conclusions

Chairman's Conclusions of the Peace Implementation Council Florence, 13-14 June 1996 In Florence on 13/14 June 1996, under the chairmanship of the Italian Foreign Minister, Lamberto Dini, the Peace Implementation Council (PIC) has conducted a mid-term review of progress in implementation of the Peace Agreement for Bosnia and Herzegovina, in accord [...]

PIC Steering Board Press Communique: Broadcast Media Statement

At today's meeting in Sarajevo of the Steering Board of the Peace Implementation Council, it was agreed that the Parties must urgently create the necessary conditions for the conduct of free and fair elections with respect to equitable access to the media for all political parties and candidates

PIC London Conclusions

Conclusions Of The Peace Implementation Conference Held At Lancaster House London, 8-9 December 1995 The General Framework Agreement for Peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina initialled in Dayton, Ohio, on 21 November by the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Republic of Croatia and the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia provides the population of Bosn [...]