01.05.1996 OHR Sarajevo

Statement from the Office of the High Representative on Doboj

Statement from the Office of the High Representative on Doboj

Sarajevo, 1 May 1996

Mr. Carl Bildt, High Representative, accompanied by the Commissioner of the International Police Task Force, this morning convened a meeting between Dr. Hasan Muratovic, Prime Minister of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Mr. Momcilo Krajisnik, President of the Assembly of Republika Srpska.

The meeting focused on recent actions in the Doboj area and other freedom of movement issues. The following points were agreed:

  • An urgent criminal investigation will be undertaken into the events which resulted in the recent and tragic loss of life by shooting. This investigation will be the responsability of Republika Srpska police authorities in full cooperation with the Federation authorities.
  • Full support was given to the UNHCR guidelines on organized visits of displaced persons between the two entities.
  • The Office of the High Representative, in cooperation with the International Police Task Force, will meet with Federation and Republika Srpska Interior Ministers as soon as possible in order to facilitate this criminal investigation.
  • The International Police Task Force will urgently convene a meeting between the Chiefs of Police of Doboj and Tuzla on the same issue.