16.05.1996 OHR Sarajevo

Statement by the High Representative, Carl Bildt and the Prime Minister of Republika Srpska, Rajko Kasagic in Banja Luka


by Carl Bildt, High Representative & Rajko Kasagic, Prime Minister of Republika Srpska

Banja Luka, 16 May 1996

Following on from our statement on 10 May 1996, we will continue to work closely together for the full and complete implementation of the Peace Agreement, to the benefit of the people of the Republika Srpska and all of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The international community does recognize illegal acts and we will continue to work closely with the government of Prime Minister Kasagic.

We are jointly determined to break the forces of isolationism that by their actions threaten not only the implementation of the Peace Agreement but also the peace and prosperity of Republika Srpska. We are convinced that the future is in co-operation and not confrontation.