Press Releases


30/12/2003 – Property Law Implementation Ratio in November 2003 stands at 92 percent in both Entities  
11/12/2003 – Property Law Implementation Ratio in October 2003 stands at 91 per cent in the Federation of BiH and the RS   
12/11/2003 – Implementation of the Property Laws in Bosnia and Herzegovina reached 90 per cent  
30/10/2003 – Substantial Completion of Property Law Implementation verified for Domavljevac-Samac, Vukosavlje and Orasje   
1/10/2003 – RS and FBIH reach same ratio of PLIP at end August   
4/9/2003 – PLIP Statistics for July 2003  
21/8/2003 – PLIP for July 2003  
31/7/2003 – Looting remains a serious problem  
24/7/2003 – PLIP Statistics for June 2003  
3/7/2003 – PLIP Statistics for May 2003  
26/6/2003 – Housing Officials To Fine Double Occupants  
17/6/2003 – New amendments to Accelerate Property Law Implementation   
5/6/2003 – PLIP Statistics for April 2003  
3/6/2003 – Municipalities to Take Final Steps for Complete Implementation of the Property Laws  
6/5/2003 – March 2003 PLIP Statistics  
1/4/2003 – February 2003 PLIP Statistics  
11/3/2003 – January 2003 PLIP Statistics  
27/2/2003 – Property Law Implementation is Just One Element of Annex VII   
11/2/2003 – December 2002 PLIP Statistics   
2/1/2003 – November 2002 PLIP Statistics  
3/12/2002 – PLIP Agencies Announce October 2002 Statistics, New PLIP Questionnaire   
29/10/2002 – Property Law Implementation in September 2002   
22/10/2002 – All property claims solved in Lopare, Sekovici, Kresevo and Srbac 
3/10/2002 – Property Law Implementation reaches 59% in August, 2002   
10/9/2002 – “The glass is half full”  
31/7/2002 – PLIP statistics for June 2002  
2/7/2002 – Property Law Implementation reaches 52% in May, 2002   
20/6/2002 – July Deadline Approaches for Repossession of Destroyed Socially-Owned   
30/5/2002 – PLIP Agencies announce latest implementation statistics   
2/5/2002 – PLIP Agencies announce latest implementation statistics   
23/4/2002 – PLIP principals condemn violation of the property laws by political pressure groups  
11/4/2002 – PLIP Agencies Reiterate Alternative Accommodation Criteria   
4/4/2002 – February 2002 statistics on property implementation: Slight rise in the number of claims in February   
14/3/2002 – 23 new complaints against sitting judges and prosecutors for violation of the property laws  
12/3/2002 – January 2002 statistics on property implementation: PLIP calls on authorities to stop making irresponsible promises   
21/2/2002 – Preventing evictions a punishable offence  
13/2/2002 – Property Law Implementation Rate doubled in 2001   
24/1/2002 – PLIP agencies call on relevant authorities to fulfill their obligations under the property laws  
15/1/2002 – Information campaign to raise awareness of key amendments to the property laws  
10/1/2002 – November Statistics for Property Law Implementation   


RRTF Releases latest Property Law Implementation figures   
Amendments to Property Laws must be implemented through provision of Alternative Accommodation  
Instruction on Exchange of Information Related to the Sealing and Repossession of Property accepted by all five Ministries and Mayors who participated in its drafting  
Buyers of privatized apartments in the Federation of BiH should be careful   
PLIP Agencies release September Statistics  
Checks on revalidation will be necessary throughout BiH  
Implementation of the Property Laws since January 2001, Tuesday, October 2, 2001  
Dialogue is underway with competent Entity Ministries over Instructions for Privatisation of Apartments 
Collective center closure program in RS expected to provide alternative accommodation, Thursday, August 30, 2001  
Property implementation figures for June 2001 
Returnees Have To Vacate Abandoned Property Before Being Able To Privatise Their Apartmens 
Property implementation figures for May 2001, Tuesday, June 26, 2001 
One fourth of property claims have been resolved, Tuesday, May 29, 2001 
Property law implementation in RS extremely slow during the first three months of 2001 
Property Law agencies urge all holders of CRPC decisions to have them enforced or risk losing alternative accommodation 
Claims for Private property increase – those who fail to claim risk losing right to alternative accommodation, Tuesday, April 17, 2001 
Control of Socially Owned Apartments 
Results of Property Law Implementation in 2000 and the way forward for 2001 
Gradual Progress In Property Law Implementation; Failure To File Claims May Affect Right To Alternative Accommodation, Tuesday, January 23, 2001