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Dear Mostarians,

Yesterday I took the decision to complete the work of the Commission for Reforming the City of Mostar, and give legal force to a new Statute that will reunify the City and establish a single administration that serves the citizens.  90% of this new Statute was agreed by the political parties in the Commission.  I have completed their work by taking decisions on issues where consensus was not possible, on the basis of the interests of the citizens of Mostar as a whole.

Allow me to explain what this means for you in the short run.

  • The public services you receive in your neighbourhoods today and in the weeks to come will continue to be delivered as they have in the past – by the same people and from the same offices.
  • In terms of your right and access to services, nothing has changed.
  • During a transition period that will last for six weeks, it will be the job of the existing municipal and city authorities to ensure delivery of these services and I will hold them responsible for doing so efficiently. 
  • After this date, the staff and offices of the City municipalities will be incorporated in a unified City Administration, which will continue to deliver services in your neighbourhood, harmonise and raise the quality of these services across the city, and eventually lower the cost to taxpayers.
  • Mayor Jahic and Deputy Mayor Beslic will be responsible for unifying the City Administration.  To assist them, I have appointed an international Co-ordination team to ensure fair play and assist the Mayor and Deputy Mayor by overseeing the full implementation of the reforms in Mostar. 
  • In October this year, the citizens of Mostar will have the opportunity to elect a new all-City Council, who will elect a new Mayor. Mostar’s long-suppressed potential for growth, prosperity and harmony should finally be unlocked.
  • The new election system will guarantee that no one people will be able to dominate the others. The new City Council will facilitate effective decision-making and ensure Vital National Interests are safeguarded.
  • The proceeds of the sale of land in the City will be returned to the former municipalities where the land was situated. There is no question of land in one part of Mostar being sold for the benefit of another part of Mostar.

A new Mostar, and a new future for its citizens and their children, cannot be built without your help. This is the time to ensure your politicians hear your views.   

Paddy Ashdown