OHR Reconstruction and Return, March 1998

RRTF: Report March 1998

An Action Plan in support of the return of refugees and displaced persons in Bosnia and Herzegovina

March 1998

Annex 1 – Definitions

Persons originating from Bosnia and Herzegovina, currently hosted in third countries, with refugee status as defined by international law.
Displaced Persons:
Persons having left their place of origin as a result of war or persecutions and currently accommodated in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Return of refugees to Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of their place of destination within the country.
Return of refugees and/or displaced persons to their place of origin.
Reintegration of refugees or displaced persons in areas different from their places of origin.
Durable Solutions:
Resident status in third countries; resettlement in third countries (incl. naturalization); repatriation.
Minority Return:
Return to areas controlled by a ethnic group other than the returnees’.
Majority Return:
Return to areas controlled by the returnees’ ethnic group.
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